Troubleshooting Tech Glitches for Small Business does not require a big business budget

Small business owners face many challenges troubleshooting tech glitches for small business.


In today’s fast-paced, ever-connected world. One of the issues they face is what to do when tech glitches happen, because they always happen. In this post, I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned in my time in the field on how to deal with tech issues. I’ve seen countless business dealing with these problems and I hope to share with you what I’ve learned from seeing all these people struggle.

Tech issues can put a halt to work and cause binds from both large and small issues.


Understanding the importance of Tech Troubleshooting First thing’s first, it’s important to understand that little things like disconnecting wires, poor hardware, or faulty software’s happen all the time when one is using even the simplest function on a computer or various types of computer devices. Troubleshooting is the act of solving those problems. Because this can happen all the time at any given moment in time, it’s important to understand why we need to know how to troubleshoot tech correctly. For small business owners, there is a time where they need to put some of their time and possible some of their money into solving tech issues promptly, otherwise it could end up costing that business owner money and even a good reputation they’ve worked so hard to receive over time. VERY IMPORTANT!!!


Identifying Tech Glitches Before we move on and talk about how to fix tech glitches with the best possible outcome, we need to realize that there are different glitches that can occur. It’s important for owner to know which type of glitches to identify in a business or company. Otherwise you won’t to be able to solve the issue efficiently or save money We all know some of these but let’s just go over some of the most common relevant glitches that a small business owner can run into: software crashes, network connectivity issues, poor hardware, some data loss,( whether its loose holiday family photos everyone has on computer or business transactions), THESE LAST TWO ARE ONE OF THE MOST COMMON i.e security breaches of all types whether it be of money, documents, and other files.


Establishing a Tech Troubleshooting Protocol Now that we know what possible glitches we will come across in our business, we need to establish a guideline which we will follow when a glitch occurs at a given time at anyone point int time of business hours, because if you know what to do down to a science, the more likely and more time you’ll have to troubleshoot the computer tech problem quickly and efficiently, rather if you had to scramble to do many things at once, thus making it longer to troubleshoot. First thing the owner needs to do when his computer is not acting up as it should and is not doing discrete actions as it once did during times of being on but not in use is to identify the problem. After that once he or she sees the problem than he or she will have to identify how much time and money it could end up costing the business. After that has been done, than the small business owner will make a fast, yet effective, plan of action that they will want to follow clear down to a science so they know what has been done and what remains as undone after the protocol has been followed. Why? Well what would you have to do after something in the manual hasn’t worked what has been done or hasn’t been done? ANSWER: Troubleshoot the problem area.


Another Key to Tech Troubleshooting. This is another alternative option for the official definition for this. This is a very import moon you must keep on the back of your mind why doing the plan of action you create for your business when you first open. Maybe, just maybe, your company and you so happen to find, could not identify or could identify what the problem was that caused that big or small glitch to occur. In this predicament, all you need to do is to make sure you prepare yourself to communicate what is wrong with your device or computer to them, to know how t appreciate their help to a big, PRICELESS thank you.


Leveraging Online Resources and Support There are tons of online resources and support resources when you own and operate you own small business. Here are a few to you to try out: Try looking at public knowledge bases you have email notifications to get whenever something is wrong o something is detected. Try viewing a public forum for tech’s (rather if they are interns or full blown developers or both) to post freely about issues you may have had or might occur in that same thirty seconds later. With that said, having a live chat program set up with people who can give you technical support and fixed what you for the most part so you. So I hope you can agree after you’ve heard about ways to leverage a variety of different types of tech helpers I’ve listed rather you’re the small business towards another small business because there are other small business owners like you out their feeling the confusion and stress when they have they have they favorite pop up yellow triangle blinking on their e-mail messages as they’re in the terrors about how confused they are all the time because that they realize as they are emailing a colleague and they can’t focus or be productive because of it.


Maintenance and updates Another way to save your from a bad crash would be to maintain your devices and/or computer. Because remember how we discussed on how you must maintain a computer because sometimes the person themselves damage the software themselves, a computer can also get damaged on the software level. This could happen to the computer accessing the various apps and files on your PC and you experiencing a gray, dark blue, black or light gray screen


Seeking professional outside help. Whether you know all of the glitches that can happen in your company or not a good preventative measure is having one’s company under surveillance for what may be wrong. This can mean hiring an IT consultant, customer service chat line (I’ve used these when I called the appliance repair shops as a homeowner), and resourcing your tech even on this date!

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