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Founding Broadview Technology Solutions has been a long road with many twists and turns. We take them all in stride. We do the best we can. We help one another when the need arises.

One of my favorite quotes is from Abraham Lincoln.
โ€œDon't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.โ€

I'm fortunate enough to live in the greatest country in the world, opportunities are everywhere. All one needs to do is reach out and sieze one, put in the work, provide value to others and you will succeed.

Matt Cornelius

Founder, Broadview Technology Solutions, LLC

Humble Beginnings…

The founder- Matt was always interested in technology and electronics. Just after the time he started school, the embers lit and started to burn. He was naturally curious about how electronics work. Matt had a Realistic brand radio (see page 39, bottom right corner of the Radio Shack catalog for an estimation of what it looked like). These radios were a great way to entertain yourself or a small group. Plenty of the models allowed you to record live radio to a cassette tape, or you could just record from the integrated microphone.

This integrated mic was one of Matt’s favorite features. He discovered (as did many kids) to his delight that if you speak through a running fan that your voice sounds like a robot. Many many audio recordings were made by he and his siblings.

Any time Matt would find broken electronics- out came the tools. Matt would dissect each device whether it be an old radio, vacuum cleaner, cassette player or video game console… he would take it apart, look for broken pieces and try to fix it. That drive to make things whole again stuck with him.

In his late teens, he earned his driver’s license. And everyone knows cars are a big expense. Being a teenager with no degrees yet, he couldn’t command much of a salary working at the local grocery store as a bagger or auto parts store a couple doors down. So when his vehicle broke, he learned how to fix that too. He will forever be grateful to the neighbor that tought him auto repair. Tony Theis is an amazing person and will never ever be forgotten by Matt or many many others.

And yes, eventually computers became more affordable for kids working summers, thanks to a huge magazine called Computer Shopper . Matt repeatedly bought these issues and scoured the ads for the best deals on the components he wanted. He would also read the many tech articles within on building and repairing computers and servers.

From PCs to networks and then servers, his curiosity widened and he got his first job around the year 1999 at a company called ShopNBC at their tech support desk. Many times lurking in the dark just out of view of millions of shop-at-home customers, Matt would be prepping personal computers of sometimes questionable quality which were featured on air in the next few minutes.

Matt held a few of these level one support positions, eventually getting his college degree in Network Administration from Hennepin Technical College and also an advanced certificate in Cisco networking. After working long enough and not being promoted to more challenging positions- Matt made the leap of faith and started Broadview Technology Solutions.

First, subcontracting to large customers like Dell, HP and IBM. Then slowly gathering his own customer base so that he no longer depended on the contracts of the big corporations. Now he’s leading the team at BTS doing Computer repair, IT support and Managed IT Services.

Finding the Problem

With any IT Support ticket, we try to find the root cause of the problem. We troubleshoot the computer, network or server and do a deep dive to make sure we have the true root cause of the problem. That way we only have to do the repair once, saving everyone time and shortening the frustration.

Discuss Options and Execute the Plan

At Broadview Technology Solutions we strive to work within every customer’s time and budget constraints. We know that every business (even franchises) are unique. We “plan the work and work the plan”. The IT support tickets are documented with the plan and the results. We minimize downtime so businesses can maximize production and profitability. We understand that every hour the business is not running can be one or more opportunities lost.

Reliable IT Support

When it comes to your business’s technology infrastructure, efficiency and reliability are paramount. At Broadview Technology Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive information technology support services tailored specifically for businesses like yours. With our expertise and proactive approach, you can focus on your core operations while Broadview Technology Solutions handles all your IT support needs.

What We Do

Here are a few of the most common IT support related services we provide for companies like yours!

IT Support

We offer remote and on site IT support within 25 miles of our office. User adds / moves / changes. Configure security for Windows and Linux servers. Microsoft 365, desktops and servers. NAS, DNS, AD, File Shares, Printers.

Computer Repair

Failed HDD, Virus Removal, Adding Memory, HDD Upgrade to SSD or M.2,ย  Fix Cracked Laptop Screens, Transfer Files to a New Computer, Data Recovery from failed HDDs. Cleanroom data recovery.

Managed IT

Unlock the potential of your small business with our hassle-free Managed IT Services. Focus on growth while we handle your technology wants and needs. Which plan works best for you? Click the link below!

Wired & Wireless Networks

Supercharge your small business with a robust IT network. Seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and optimized performance. Empower your growth with our tailored solutions. Discover more now!

Data Backup & Recovery

Protect your business’s lifeline. Safeguard critical data with our reliable backup and recovery solutions. Stay prepared for any disaster. Ensure business continuity. Get peace of mind today.

Simple Websites

Launch or update your online presence effortlessly. Our simple business websites offer sleek designs, user-friendly interfaces, and mobile responsiveness. Get noticed and expand your reach. Start today!

Let's Work Together!

Empower your business with our expert IT support. Unleash your potential, conquer challenges, and achieve success. Partner with Broadview Technology Solutions for seamless IT support solutions that drive your growth.


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